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17-Dec-2017 05:01

We can meet your need to talk in a way where you don’t have to worry about the person listening to you using what you share against you in some way.

Give our anonymous chat room a try - we have both 1 on 1 and group support options.

If u aint on this site then u missing out on some good things. It's above and beyond many other sites out there and I can't stop using it. lol Thanks Dan for creating such a cool website for teens to meet new people all over the world! We both happen to live in Bundaberg and we met online and connected straight away, now we've been together for 2 months.

~Yo This Site Is wat It is i met alot of friends on here and i made a best friend about 3 years ago and we are still best friends 2 this very day. i stoped coming in for a while but missed it too much!

THIS sport allows us to release all of these life stresses, to immerse ourselves in a world so foreign to us, yet actually when you think about it so close to our origins of being immersed in liquid from the day we were created. We bring back that effortless, weightless feeling of being surrounded by water, and with dedicated practice of skills and techniques to improve our lungs amplitude we may consider this sport our “go to” exit from life’s daily stresses.

Drawing techniques from yoga and meditation learn to evolve into responsible freedivers.

is on it's way to get fully sponsored by the community.

By reaching our monthly goals we can provide you with an ad-free service.

Join the water shift – glide with us into a new world of being.

You can chat with one of our listeners in confidence knowing that what is discussed will not be shared with anyone else.