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n October 1921, the city of Birmingham, Alabama, celebrated its semi-centennial with the biggest party any of its 178,000 residents could remember.

An Ohio Republican, Harding agreed to travel to Birmingham in part as a favor to his old Senate colleague Oscar Underwood, a Democrat.

Despite their party differences, Harding and Underwood remained close friends, but Harding had a second reason to visit the solidly Democratic Deep South, one that would not please the white population of the strictly segregated city and state.

Rick and Louie anticipate a mutually respectful—and beneficial—relationship, arising from their past shared experiences and based upon continuing common interests.

Aelred’s writings that favors the experience of “spiritual friendship” among those with same-sex attraction. Chief among the errors of the New Homophiles’ views on St.

Aelred’s writings are: 1) The New Homophiles deliberately make room for “same-sex eros” in their interpretation of St.

The love that is “eros” is a yearning or desire to receive another whose self-gift “completes” (rather than “repeats”) our own self-gift. Thus, eros has literally This eternal perspective on genuine and spiritual friendship also has nothing to do with forming “exclusive” relationships with other persons; the New Homophile acceptance of “chaste, gay couples” is clearly excluded from what St. “Friendship is that virtue, therefore, through which by a covenant of sweetest love our very spirits are united, and not the “couple”: If one were present …whom you loved as yourself and by whom you would not hesitate to be equally loved, would not everything that previously seemed bitter turn sweet and delicious? Isn’t it true that the more friends you possessed of that kind the happier you would consider yourself? This is that great and wonderful happiness we await. The true and eternal friendship that begins here is perfected there.

Here it belongs to the few, for few are good, but there it belongs to all, for there all are good.

Then, and only then, will you really have the beginning of a beautiful—and Deacon Jim Russell serves the Archdiocese of St.