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compound (just about making Jaffas w/o Equivalent Exchange)Currently up to date with Episode 77 of Duncan's Laboratory Now includes the Honeydew Inc Compound.It is producing Jaffa cakes and cookies although the losses of the Crafting table Mk.2 and Equivalent Exchange stuff has meant some minor reworking of the piping. That sounds great, I am realy glad that this project is doing so well, I love the build and have even fixed the quarry systems and piped the dirt from the decoy facility to a little house I made, but to see a real sipsco will be AMAZING!Any "exotic" being (alien, monster, robot, demon, ghost, etc.) bearing a strong resemblance to a conventionally attractive human female, sometimes when there is no reason for her to appear that way.This trope comes in several varieties: make them recognizably female to the audience.

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Fairies today are thought of as little or human sized Winged Humanoid with butterfly wings, that fly around in a sea of sparkles, and have magical powers (including granting wishes).When the Male Gaze gets involved this results in common design features for female characters in other contexts, like Hartman Hips, Non-Mammal Mammaries, long hair, and Tertiary Sexual Characteristics like dresses or make-up (or bits of anatomy designed to look like a dress or make-up), even if it would make no sense for such a creature to have these features.While this is often done for purposes of Fanservice it can also be for What Measure Is a Non-Human?Much like Demons, what classifies as "Fairie" is often as varied as "Mammal".

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Three standard forms stand out, however: Regardless of size, many fairies also have wings, usually iridescent or Butterfly-like.

However, younger variants more of the traditional definition of "cute" (I.e. Assume that if there is a Monster Mash, the few female member(s) will be Cute Monster Girls. This character type can also be used as a basis for studying discrimination, social differences and similar themes, since monster girls are pretty cute and different at the same time to attract a wide audience and detail problems arising from differences. Related to Moe Anthropomorphism and Gijinka in Fan Art circles. Compare Cute Alien Girl, Cute Eldritch Abomination Girl, Cute Humanoid Animal Girl, Cute Ghost Girl, Attractive Zombie, Seductive Mummy, and Slime Girl.