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But Schnatter has also been outspoken on other issues, including the NFL's reaction to players protesting during the national anthem, which he blamed for hurting his company's pizza sales since ratings for games have been down and Papa John's is a main sponsor of the NFL."This should have been nipped in the bud a year and a half ago," Schnatter told investors during a conference call in November.In the Ravenna Document of 13 October 2007, theologians chosen by the Catholic and the Eastern Orthodox Churches stated: "41. that Rome, as the Church that 'presides in love' according to the phrase of St Ignatius of Antioch, occupied the first place in the taxis, and that the bishop of Rome was therefore the protos among the patriarchs.

However, there are only a few other references of that time to recognition of the authoritative primacy of the Roman See outside of Rome.about the persecution of Christians in Rome as the "struggles in our time" and presented to the Corinthians its heroes, "first, the greatest and most just columns", the "good apostles" Peter and Paul.Others have argued that the church is indeed built upon Jesus and faith, but also on the disciples as the roots and foundations of the church on the basis of Paul's teaching in Romans and Ephesians, though not primarily Peter.Over the centuries, papal claims of spiritual authority have been ever more firmly expressed, culminating in 1870 with the proclamation of the dogma of papal infallibility for rare occasions when the pope speaks ex cathedra—literally "from the chair (of Saint Peter)"—to issue a formal definition of faith or morals.

The earliest recorded use of the title "pope" in English dates to the mid-10th century, when it was used in reference to Pope Vitalian in an Old English translation of Bede's Historia ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum.Ten years later, he became an owner of a franchise and has since taken on larger roles in the corporate side of the business.

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