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08-Aug-2017 14:50

But its atleast nothing like the abomination of last weeks episode.There were some funny gags with Stan texting but I'm not a fan of his hypocritical behaviour.Despite the numerous types of plants that exist across the world, there are Nepenthes attenboroughii, also known as the Attenborough’s Pitcher Plant was discovered in Philippines in 2007.This plants’ distribution has been restricted as it is an endangered kind.New evidence points to a chemical derived from cannabis as an effective treatment for people suffering from seizures.In particular, the evidence suggests that this chemical is effective for patients who have drug-resistant types of epilepsy. After getting into an accident, Stan takes seizure medication, only for the medication to have side effects.Meanwhile, Roger helps Steve with his anxiety of performance.

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For the study, researchers gave a 99% CBD (cannabidoil, the non-psychoactive substance in cannabis) treatment to 162 patients who where then monitored for 12 weeks.If you decide you want to use medical marijuana to treat seizures, you can get Just like human beings, even plants breathe, thus making them living beings.By sowing some seeds, you might as well reap some new plants.I was kinda half expecting that to get brought up here but I guess Roger's idea of "Wait and see" worked out on this occasion.

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Really hope they don't wait too long to go back to that though.Found only in the Palawan Province of the Philippines, this plant is described as a bell shaped pitcher which is large enough to trap rats.

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